Agyel & Associated formed 20 years ago, as a private company, with an emphasis on trading in international commodities. Over the years, it has grown and is now a multi-national company, with mandate offices in Europa, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. We are one of the most respected trading houses in the world. All directors, associates, and mandate have extensive experience and training in their respective fields.

Agyel & Associated has been operating for many years as the authorized agent for some of the major producers of commodities including grain, rice, sugar, corn and crude oil and petroleum products.

Because of our relationship with these producers, we are able to offer the most competitive prices available today. We pride ourselves on our performance and our excellent reputation. We respond to all inquiries in the proper procedure for purchasing commodities to ensure the client’s interests are secure and safe.

We work with top world banks like American Express Bank New York-N.Y., Washington Mutual Bank Maple Valley Branch Office, Direct Merchants Bank Phoenix-Arizona, Credit Suisse-Lugano, and BNP Faribas Bank-Geneve.

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